IDG Contributor Network: ‘Have I Been Pwned’ is for sale, but what is it worth and who will buy it?


As the week winds down and the news of Troy Hunt soliciting bids to sell the Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) service, it seemed inevitable that I would receive a flood of questions from friends and colleagues seeking my thoughts on this headline. As the former CEO of a venture backed start-up company (VeriClouds) solving nearly identical problems as HIBP is trying to solve, fielding questions about HIBP has become a normal activity in this business. Competing against “free” is always a fool’s game unless and until the conversation is changed from one of free to innovation and value creation.

According to Wikipedia, HIBP launched in December of 2013 and subsequently reached more than two million subscribers. Troy emerged from obscurity by reporting publicly about data breaches and publicly shaming companies and their customer service representatives when confronted with vulnerabilities such as leaked credentials. 7B breached credentials and 6 years later it looks as though HIBP will finally enter a new chapter and make progress towards its true calling under the leadership of an established product/technology company.

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